Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I have an article produced and placed for me?

A. Magazines and websites are sought out for the articles NOT the ads. Magazine readers READ articles and LOOK at ads. Bottom line: Readers look for and retain more information from articles, especially technical and how-to articles that educate.

Q. How can it be better than running an ad?

A. Mostly for the above reasons. Also, running an ad is more costly, especially if you run multiple pages. Compare the cost of three pages of ads versus a three page article, and don’t forget the impact. Sometimes, though, we suggest running an ad as part of an overall marketing program. Contact us for more on that.

Q. How does the process work?

A. Simple. We produce an article about your products, you approve the copy, we send it to the magazine and they publish it. You then have an article featuring your products for less than the cost of an ad and with more impact on the reader than an ad. Another benefit is that you don’t have pay for the design and layout of an article. The magazine or website does the design and layout to fit the article to their format

Q. How long does it take the magazine to publish my article?

A. Lead time for print media can take as long as three months. If we place an article in a web magazine or site, it usually comes out within one month.

Q. Once the article is approved and paid for by me, who owns it?

A. You do. The original copy you approved is yours and you can use it again and again for your marketing programs. You can put it on your website, create a sales sheet or flyer and if needed, can be reworked for future or other needs.

Q. How long does it take to ‘build’ an article?

A. Once the magazine has defined the size of the article, we start on it. We know what the magazine wants in their articles and you know your products. We write the story and fit it to the publication’s style, usually in a matter of days. ONLY WHEN you have approved the story is it sent to the magazine. We offer our award-winning photography services as well. We know magazines want plenty of good photographs as they are essential to a great article.

Q. Do changes to the story cost extra?

A. Not if they are corrections. We offer a total of THREE drafts as part of the total package. After that, any changes to the story are billed at our hourly rate.

Q. What makes JCA unique?

A.  Being a smaller business, we work more closely with our clients and are always looking for opportunities that can benefit them. One example is when we find multiple magazine opportunities for the same business or product. We build articles to fit each publication’s format yet present the same information on your product or service.

Q. How much does an article cost to be produced and placed?

A. Generally, quite a bit less than if you had an ad agency run an ad. An article also usually costs less than running your own ad. We are a small business and deal with many small businesses, sparing them the bigger overhead costs of retaining an agency yearlong. We work by the piece instead of charging a yearly retainer. You pay only for the works we create for you.

Q. If I don’t already have a Press Release distribution system in place, can JCA help?

A. Of course. In addition to writing Press Releases and Kits, we can advise you on creating or updating a system you can use in-house to distribute your new and existing Press Releases. When you purchase a Press Release from us, you also get all the latest information we have on creating and operating an effective distribution system at no additional charge. The good news is that sending out Releases is easier than ever. Remember, publications WANT and NEED good information on new products. They might as well use yours!